What is the minimum opening order?

Our minimum opening order is $300. No enforced minimums for reorders, but remember that the larger the order the lower the relative cost of shipping.

How do you ship?

UPS is our preferred carrier. We have found them to be reliable and their prices and insurance policies fair. If you have special circumstances that make it impossible, or undesirable, for UPS to deliver to you, let us know in the Comments Box at checkout and we will contact you about alternate carriers.

If you would like us to use your account with a carrier of your choice, please note that info with all the necessary account numbers, etc. in the Comments Box at checkout. We will promptly refund the shipping amount charged at checkout and give you a code to avoid shipping charges being added to your orders in future.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Takoma Park, Maryland USA. We maintain our inventory in the US, traveling to Guatemala several times a year to restock. This enables us to fill your orders very quickly and ship with no extra costs for import duties or customs.

How do you calculate shipping costs?

All products entered into our inventory are weighed and the shopping cart calculates shipping based on weight. Since many of our products weigh less than an ounce, we round up to cover the weight of the box and packing materials. On very large orders, however, this could result in a charge that exceeds the actual cost of shipping. If this happens we will quickly refund the overage. We never charge for packing costs or materials, but we do add insurance to our UPS orders for your protection.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our website’s shopping cart accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do understand, however, that some Museum stores’ accounting systems require you to submit a Purchase Order to us, and then we must Invoice your Accounting  Department to get paid by check or direct deposit. No problem! You can use our website as a catalog and simply complete your PO using our product numbers and names. Email the order to us at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com along with your shipping and billing addresses and we’ll take care of it. Use “Purchase Order” in the subject line please.

Do you attend shows or have a showroom?

While we did attend national trade shows in the past, we feel the environment has changed so that it no longer makes sense for us. By avoiding shows we greatly reduce overhead and are able to give you better prices and pay the artisans more.

Our home base is located just outside Washington DC, however, and if you are located in, or visiting the area, we can arrange for you to visit our showroom by appointment. Contact DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com to make the appointment. Please use “Appointment” in the subject line.

How can I find out about new products, discounts or free shipping specials?

That’s easy – sign up for our email list! We’ll contact you approximately monthly and we never share your contact data. We’ll also occasionally offer background info about our products or suppliers and may highlight great display ideas and other suggestions from our community.

Do you do Trunk Shows?

We have a very small staff so we can’t personally visit you, but we understand that Trunk Shows are a great way for you to test out new products and offer your customers an exciting collection to choose from. We’ll send you an agreed upon array of products for a limited period of time. We will pre-authorize the value of the entire shipment on your credit card, but only charge you for the items you don’t return on time. You pay for shipping in both directions. For more details, contact us at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.comUse “Trunk Show” in the subject line.

There are so many choices, I can’t decide! Do you have any pre-packs?

Yes! We can put together a curated selection of best sellers for you to start out with. They can include any, or all, of our Collections depending on your store’s focus, demographics, best price points, and budget, etc. Contact us for details at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com Put “Pre-packs” in the subject line.

Why are Diamanti Designs products only sold as assorted?

The people who produce the work are talented and skilled artists, not machines.

They like to be creative and we encourage them to use their excellent color sense in their work, as long as the size, shape and pattern of the product remains consistent.

We then carefully select all the pieces that meet our high standards for color, design, and construction techniques. When shipping to you, we curate diverse, yet complementary, selections for each order we fill. Our long experience as store owners ourselves informs our choices.  Our customers have consistently been delighted with the results, and we hope you will be too!

What if I want a big order of identical items for my retail catalog?

No problem, we have a few select makers among the dozens we work with who are willing and able to make hundreds of exact replicas for you.  We do need 4-8 weeks lead time depending on the size of the order. Contact us directly with your requirements at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com Use “Catalog Order” in the subject line please.

What if there’s something wrong with a product?

We pack carefully and know from our experience importing that most of our products travel well, but if you suspect damage in transit please contact UPS and keep the packing materials for them to examine. We insure your shipments and they are required to reimburse you if there has been damage in transit.

We check every piece at least four times: when we buy it, when add it to our inventory in the US, when we select it for an order, and when we pack it for shipment, but if you discover a defect in a product we will replace if you notify us within 15 days of purchase and, if requested, return it within 30 days of purchase. Contact us at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com for return and replacement procedures.

Use “Replacement” in the subject line and be sure to reference the order number and product number of the item involved.

In the past 3 years we have only had to replace one necklace due to workmanship/materials issues, but if you, or your customer, feel a product has broken under normal and customary use conditions after the above time limits, please let us know and we will do our best to make everyone happy.  Contact DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com with “Product Question” is the subject line.

What if I don’t like particular colors or feel they won’t sell in my store?

First of all, we urge you to give all colors a chance, you might be surprised.

But, if you discover over time that certain colors sell better than others in your store, feel free to mention your preferences in the Comments Box at checkout and we will do our best to comply. Please understand, however, that to be able to maintain a wide selection to choose from for all of our customers, we generally can’t ship very large orders consisting of a single color.

If you simply don’t like one or more examples of a product you’ve received from us we will replace it with different colors of the same item, or a different item. Our primary goal is to keep you happy so our friends in Guatemala can keep working. Please contact us via email at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com using “Exchange” in the subject line to let us know how we can help. Be sure to reference the order number and the product number(s) you are interested in exchanging. We’ll get right back to you with instructions.

Do you do Special Orders?

Yes, in addition to Catalog (print or online) orders we can also fulfill special orders when we have sufficient lead time to shop specifically for you on one of our many trips to Guatemala. This might involve a large order of diverse items, items of specific colors, or sourcing items not currently in our line.  For more info, contact us at DiamantiDesingsInfo@gmail.com with your requirements. Use “Special Order” in the subject line.

Can I return Sale items?

We sometimes offer discounts on closeouts, overstocks, on new products we want to test, or just for your enjoyment, but all discounted sales are final, nor can we exchange or replace items after they have been discontinued from our line.

Do you sell anything other than Guatemalan Products?

Yes! Penelope Diamanti is herself a designer who uses gemstones, metals, glass and organic beads collected on her travels through Africa and Asia to create popular and affordable designs for museum shops and others. As a long-time supplier, she understands museum stores’ special needs.

Much of this work is one-of-a-kind or limited editions, but we can send photos and pick boxes upon request. She has also done several catalog orders with Asian and African beads for the Smithsonian Institution and other museums. Please email Penny at DiamantiDesignsInfo@gmail.com with “Penny’s Work” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you to discuss your interests.

How can I get my store listed on your home page for retail customers?

Only registered wholesale customer can access our prices, but we like to let potential retail customers who find our site know about stores that carry our work. We’ll automatically list you on this page when you order. Please let us know if you move, or if any other info changes.