Glorious Guatemalan Bags

Posted by Penelope Diamanti on

I've been watching the evolution of Guatemalan up-cycled, hand-crafted bags grow over the past 10 years. Early on, the quality of the leather didn't measure up, and my top buyer rejected how the zippers were installed. Still, to support the makers, I collected them for myself and friends, sold them in my retail stores, and waited.

As Guatemalan heirloom textiles were appropriated for inspiration by top international designers, they also gained appreciation among elites in Guatemala City. High design, high quality, and very high-priced bags began appearing in high rent shops, and at the more upscale airport stores.

Gradually, higher quality leather, zippers, and handbag hardware made its way to the Highlands. Maya artisans, from whom the stunning woven designs originated, now had the materials they needed to make top quality bags, that even my most discriminating wholesale buyers, and their customers, embraced.

Long-time wholesale buyers have been hand-picking purses from my collection for their stores, but I haven't added them to our website yet. I'm featuring them here to find out if there's interest. I know most of you are still in corona virus shut-down mode now, but I hope you'll still enjoy looking at these gorgeous one-of a-kind purses and think about offering them to your customers, who will surely appreciate the unique designs, quality, and durability of these purses, totes, and satchels.

Wholesale prices start at $95.


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